How much does it cost to move in NJ in 2020?

A lot of people who live in big cities are moving to small cities this year. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic that struck us this year. A lot of people have lost their jobs therefore they don’t have stable earnings. Most people have started working from home which made a lot of them less productive as they also started earning less money. Among these people are a lot of people from New Jersey. This is a busy state to live in which until now wasn’t such a bad thing. But now, it is. And a lot of people want to relocate to smaller towns where they don’t need as much money to live and because it is much safer to live in a small town. But as all of this, not everyone is able to finance moving. So how much is it going to cost to move in NJ? Find out here.

Know when to move

If you want to save money when moving, definitely make sure that you are moving during fall or winter. This is when moving companies have the lowest prices. But make sure that you are hiring professional and reliable movers such as Superior Moving & Storage. Have in mind that moving during the summer costs more because a lot of people move this time of the year as everyone is available. Children and students don’t have classes, parents are able to take a couple of days off during the summer too so everything leads to summertime moves to be the most frequent ones.

Fall in a park.
Moving during the fall is a great idea.

You are going to need some help too

You can definitely get much needed help from your friends and family and therefore make your move even cheaper. But this is not something we recommend doing. It is best to hire professional movers for this. But this costs money. And the amount of money it is going to cost to move in NJ changes with the influence of how many things you are moving, how heavy they are, are they big and bulky, the distance between the two homes also counts as well as the number of people working on your move in order to have it done as fast as possible. It is best to use a moving cost calculator for these things.

Packing supplies

You also need to pack up your home for relocation. And you need packing supplies for that. This is another expense you have to cover. But you can use some of the supplies you have at home as well as get them for free from a supermarket. If unable to find them for free, you have to purchase them or rent them.

A pile of cardboard boxes.
You will need a lot of packing supplies.

Final calculation

If we’re considering that you are moving from a medium-sized apartment with not more than 20 boxes of belongings and some furniture, a short-distance move would cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars but a long-distance one would be around $1,000 or more.

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