Heavy furniture transportation in New Jersey – 101

Moving and packing is not an easy task to do. Especially when it comes to large and heavy pieces of furniture. What should you do, how to transport your furniture safely? Furniture transportation in New Jersey requires help and preparation. Luckily for you, we have some tips and a simple guide to help you move and pack like a pro – no matter how heavy your furniture is.

Moving your household items to New Jersey is a big step. It is not the same if you are moving your home or an office. But, in both cases, the furniture is “involved”. You need to pack it properly and to know how to transport it to NJ. Transport heavy items trouble-free and don’t waste your time.

Tips for furniture transportation in New Jersey

When it comes to moving furniture, no matter is it heavy or not, there are two main options you can choose from.

  1. To pack and transport furniture in NJ by yourself
  2. Hire a company for furniture transportation in New Jersey

Which option to choose depends on you, type of relocation, and your experience. For example, packing furniture for international relocation is more complicated than packing it for a local move. So, first, choose how to transport heavy and large furniture, decide what is the safest option, and then go from there.

Transporting heavy furniture by yourself

If you will do everything by yourself (without a professional moving company), you will definitely need a packing guide. Even if you do have experience with moving.

Make a plan in advance

Moving and transporting heavy furniture require a plan. First, take an inventory of every item that needs to be transported and how you will load and unload it from a moving vehicle. Usually, heavy items go toward the back of the truck and on the sides, because of the balance. Making a plan may seem like a waste of time, but it is necessary, in order to have safe transportation in NJ.

Gather all supplies and equipment

You will need the proper equipment for lifting and transporting heavy furniture. Equipment you will need before you start the process is:

  • Moving straps – straps will help you get the weight off of your back and arms, so you will move heavy furniture easier.
  • Moving dolly – it is much easier to move heavy items with a dolly than lifting and carrying furniture to a moving vehicle.
  • Furniture sliders – sliders need to be placed under heavy furniture and it will help you glide across the floor.
A moving dolly for furniture transportation in New Jersey.
You must have equipment for moving before you start organizing heavy furniture transportation in New Jersey

Ask friends for help

Heavy furniture transportation in New Jersey cannot be done by only one person. You will definitely need help from strong friends (at least 2). They can help your bulky instrument moved to your new address or any other heavy piece of furniture.

Before you consider an option to transport heavy furniture by yourself, you need to make a list of friends who are willing to help you. Without them, you probably cannot finish the job.

2 men carrying a moving box.
Ask friends to help you lift heavy items

Disassemble the furniture

Anything that can be removed or disassembled, you should do it. It is easier to move piece by piece and moving the entire item. Also, keep in mind if the furniture is large too, it may not go through the door. Remove cushions, knobs, legs, drawers, mattresses, and everything else you can.

Lift heavy furniture properly

Moving injuries are common, unfortunately. One of the injuries that happens a lot is back injury while lifting heavy items. To avoid this problem, you should know how to lift heavy furniture and heavy boxes properly. Don’t lift more than you can.

  • Bend at your knees. This way you won’t stress out your back.
  • Carry heavy items close to your body.
  • Keep your body still and don’t twist while you are lifting heavy items.

Rent a moving truck

Of course, you will need a vehicle to transport all your furniture, including heavy furniture. You can rent a moving vehicle and transport all your items to NJ by yourself. But, it is only recommended if you have experience with driving.

A grand piano to illustrate heavy furniture transportation in New Jersey
If you need to transport special items, you will probably need to hire professionals

Hiring a moving company

If you are searching for an easier and safer solution for you and your furniture, then you should hire a professional moving company.

A professional mover will bring their own packing supplies and equipment. Dollies, sliders, wrap, etc. Your only job will be to choose a reliable and experienced NJ moving company. Let them know what type of furniture you have to move and if you have special items to relocate (such as music studio, a hot tube, pool table), you must notify them. It may cost differently than moving regular furniture. One of the companies that will be able to transport heavy furniture to NJ is acelinemoving.com.

Before a moving company comes to pick up tour items, you should prepare your furniture (if you did not hire professional packers) and prepare your home too:

  • Disassemble the furniture
  • Empty all drawers
  • Put all small components into a plastic bag and label it
  • Clear the path so movers can easily move furniture around your home
  • Protect your floors
  • Pack matresses from beds and wrap them


Moving to NJ is a big large event and there are a lot of things you need to finish before the final moving day. Furniture transportation in New Jersey is one of the puzzle pieces, but the important one. Before you move your items, take measurements of your new NJ apartment. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money on transporting furniture that cannot fit in. Transporting heavy furniture is not cheap, so calculate if it is worth it. Good luck with your relocation process to New Jersey!


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