Guidelines for finding the right interstate moving company

Moving interstate is not an easy task. There are many things you need to do. One of them is finding the right interstate moving company. Besides that, you need to have all the paperwork ready for you and your whole family. Keep in mind that interstate relocations take a bit more time and you will spend some time on the road. So, besides packing your household items, you need to be prepared for this road trip. Don’t worry, it might seem like a hassle but with the help of the professional movers, this can be a great adventure. You just need to prepare and go for it.

Preparing for interstate moving

Before anything, you need to notify everyone from the bank to your close friends that you will be changing the address. The next step is going to the doctor’s office. You need to get your medical history. If you have kids you need to do the same for them too. The same goes for the pets. Preparation is the key. Write down everything you need to do. Make lists. Even downloading moving apps will help you to be more organized. You can take your picks of moving apps both on Android or IOS. The next step is finding the right interstate moving company.

coffee and a planner
Planning everything ahead is the best for you.

Finding the Right Interstate Moving Company

Moving to New Jersey will be easier for you if you hire a moving company to do all the hard stuff. Some companies can provide you with additional services like packing and make this whole process really easy for you. Also, many of them offer senior relocation in case you are traveling with a senior who is not very mobile.  All those additional services are great and very helpful. If you are not sure how to find the right interstate moving company the answer is – research. Browse through all possible options before you decide. Check all the services they can offer you. Many of them are offering additional storage for renting, This is very popular and useful. If you think you might need additional storage make sure to find movers that can offer you this too. Also, many of them will be able to provide you with a free moving estimate. This can help you plan your budget.

How to decide

The first step is checking out the website of the movers you just found. Check out the experiences other customers had. Also, no matter who you choose, make sure to write the review so that other people can read it while they are doing their research. Don’t hesitate to call some of the Best Cross Country Movers and ask any questions you might have. It is important for you to get all the info. Also when you find the right movers call them for a quick interview. Ask them what they can offer you, talk about timelines, safety, and everything you think of.


As stated before this is something that many moving companies offer as an additional service no matter where you are moving to. This makes sense if you have too many household items, or if you are in a hurry. Especially this service can be handy if you have little kids or toddlers and they occupy too much of your time. If you think this service is not for you – DIY it. Start with planning and getting all the supplies. Make sure to get good quality moving boxes. All the big chains like IKEA, Target, Walmart, or Uhaul have them for a small price. But before you even start with the packing you should consider decluttering. If you get rid of all the unnecessary items it will be easier to pack and unpack later on. Also, there is no need to keep items you don’t use anymore. When you start your packing make sure to label everything. This will make unpacking easier too. If you have downloaded any moving apps they will help you with this process too.

moving boxes ready for transportation after finding the right interstate moving company.
Labeling all the boxes will make unpacking easier later on.

Safety during relocation

You probably won’t be carrying any of the furniture and heavy boxes. Movers do that part and they know how to do that safely. But nowadays there is something else to think about. Any social contact is now a reason to be careful. Companies are usually very careful and practice all the covid19 safety guidelines. You should do that too. No shaking hands. Always keep your mask on when interacting with others. Making social distance is important. On the road, try to wash your hands as much as possible, but if you cant have near some hand sanitizer for emergencies. Your health is important and taking care of yourself is good for others too.

Teddy bears with a protective face mask and a hand sanitizer.
Make sure to have hand sanitizer with you. Also, masks are a must.

New Jersey

Since you are going to New Jersey, make sure to find some local movers to help you settle in. After you arrive relax a bit, sleep it off. The next day, start unpacking early on. It will be easier if you do this boring chore right away. You don’t need boxes laying around for days. When you unpack you can start doing something more fun like exploring the city. Getting to know your neighbors and neighborhood too. If you feel uneasy in your new place don’t worry. Most people need some time to adjust. Spending few days in your new apartment or house will make this easier. Try decorating to your will, this can help you feel more at home. Getting out on weekends to explore what New Jersey has to explore will keep you busy too. From amazing food, cultural happenings to nightlife you have a lot to explore. Hopefully, you will stay here a long time, maybe even raise a family here so don’t worry. Soon enough you will feel at ease in your new place and this great adventure will be behind you. Good luck.

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