Guide to shipping musical instruments overseas 

One of the most strenuous tasks when it comes to shipping is shipping overseas. You have to secure your items correctly and make sure that you can ship them to a specific country. And the most difficult things to send are musical instruments, especially if you have to ship a grand piano. To assist you, we have a guide to shipping musical instruments overseas. 

The first tip in our guide to shipping musical instruments overseas is to get the correct materials 

There are many challenges of an international move, and shipping musical instruments are one of them. When it comes to shipping brass, percussion, or string instruments, the materials are crucial. Let’s see what you need to make your shipment a success. 

  • Our guide to shipping musical instruments overseas recommends that you look for the original boxes of your musical instruments. Look for them in your home, and if you can not find them try and order some custom boxes only. Getting the original boxes is significant because they will be the most secure and won’t move when transported overseas. If you can not get the boxes that fit your musical instruments, use sturdy boxes. 
  • When you get the boxes, the second thing you have is to get the proper wrapping materials for your musical instruments. The best wrapping materials for securing your musical instruments are bubble wrap and packing paper. You should avoid packing peanuts because they can be a hassle to clean. 
a box
Our guide to shipping musical instruments overseas recommends using sturdy boxes if you can not find original ones.

Preparing your musical instruments for shipping 

When you get your materials, the second thing you have to do is prepare your musical instruments. We are quickly going to go over how to prepare all the major groups of musical instruments. 

  • Firstly let’s talk about brass and wood instruments. If you want to be certain that your brass and wood will arrive in perfect condition and not get damaged during shipping, you should take them apart. When you have taken all of your instruments apart, wrap each part with bubble wrap or packing paper. 
  • Secondly, string instruments are not as complicated as brass and wood instruments. You have to loosen the strings. If you lose the strings, they won’t snap. Then make sure you put extra wrapping materials around the neck. 
a violin
Loosen the strings, so your violin arrives undamaged.
  • Percussion instruments can be complex and require a lot of work, especially if you have drums. But follow the same tip we mentioned with brass and wood instruments – disassemble them. You should disassemble your drum kits because you will save space and also save money on shipping. 
  • Finally, let’s talk about the piano. The piano is the most comfortable instrument to prepare for shipping because you won’t do any work. Pianos are big and delicate. You should let professionals handle the shipping of your piano. And if you are still struggling after this, read a guide to smart packing.

The end to our guide to shipping musical instruments overseas 

We hope that our guide to shipping musical instruments overseas is helpful. And if you need to move with your musical instruments, many apps can help you move. Good luck! 

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