Guide to packing and moving your New Jersey bar

Are you relocating your house bar or you have a business? Either way, you need to know how to do it properly, in order not to damage anything. Moving to NJ or from NJ can be really stressful, no matter are you moving a business or a home. Packing and moving your New Jersey bar requires some tips, especially if you are doing this for the first time.

Packing and moving your New Jersey bar fast and efficient

The first step is to collect all the packing supplies you will need, such as firm moving boxes, air bubble foil, wine carriers, padding materials, tape, markers for labeling, etc. Moving special items in New Jersey can be tricky, as well as liquor and fragile items.

Hiring a professional company for moving a bar

Moving your NJ bar should be in a professional’s hands. Choose a reliable NJ moving company with experience in moving restaurants and bars, and you will have a stressless relocation. One of the companies to consider is Ample Moving.

A bar in NJ.
Packing and moving your New Jersey bar is not easy, but now you have a guide

When moving a bar, it is not only about moving liquors, it is much more. Tables, chairs, table football, billiard, and as you can assume billiard tables are tricky to relocate. For packing and moving these special items, you will need professionals. Not only that they will do it better, but also faster, which is important so you don’t have to have a big pause in business.


Disassemble the bar furniture and sort your bottles, glassware, and barware. To organize the move of your NJ bar, follow these steps:

  • For packing and moving wine bottles, having a wine carrier will make the job easier. Fill up the wine box and tape it.
  • For moving liquors, use an air bubble foil to wrap bottles and make sure each bottle is sealed tightly.
  • Be careful when packing glassware and barware because it is fragile and very sensitive. It is part of packing and moving your New Jersey bar so you will need dish carton, cell dividers, tape, and wrapping material. Wrap every glass before packing them into a box.
  • Moving a bar counter is not ease because it is massive and heavy. Empty the bar, get your moving blankets, dollies, and have a couple of strong people to help you. Lift one side and put a dolly underneath, and repeat it with the other side and load it into a vehicle.
Packing and moving your New Jersey bar.
Besides liquors, there is bar furniture that needs to be packed and moved too

Label every box

Every box must be labeled when packing and moving your New Jersey bar because most items are fragile and require special care. Label at least one side of the box and the top, so you will know exactly what is inside. Also, movers will know what boxes need to be on top in a moving vehicle.

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