Guide for New Jerseyans who are considering Florida for their new home

Thinking about moving to Florida? We understand why. The state offers so many benefits. From great weather, most of the year to no income taxes, and amazing and sandy beaches, Florida is truly an amazing place to live and call home. Here’s a guide to help you learn more about the state and organize your move! Any New Jerseyans who are considering Florida for their new home, stay tuned.

Benefits of moving to Florida

We already mentioned a few benefits this state has to offer but let us give you a bit more information, so you can prepare yourself well. Florida has so many things to offer. Whether you want to move here with your family or just by yourself, we support this idea. And here’s why.

It’s always sunny – the weather is great most of the year

Who doesn’t like living in a sunny state? Florida offers over 200 sunny days a year which means that you can enjoy great weather and get your vitamin D daily! There are some humid days during summer but mostly it’s just warm and mild. The great news is that if you don’t like the cold then you should definitely move here. You will also have more closet space as you don’t need that many winter clothes! Another amazing thing about the weather is that this means you can spend more time outside and enjoy outdoor activities!

Miami Beach Florida
The Sunshine State offers so many things which makes her a great place to live!

No state income taxes

if you want to save up more money then moving to Florida is another amazing decision. While most of the states require that their residents pay taxes, Florida is an exception. This gives you an amazing opportunity to save more and use that money for other plans you might have in the future!

Life is a beach

The state of Florida is home to many amazing beaches. Due to great weather, you can spend most of your days enjoying a fun day at the beach tanning, swimming, and enjoying other water-based activities. When the sun comes down you can still enjoy romantic and calming walks.

Florida is an affordable and fun place to live

The cost of living in major cities like Miami can be high. However, the majority of other areas throughout the Sunshine States are very affordable. The overall cost of living in Florida is lower than the national average. The goods and services, healthcare, and real estate in Florida are all below the national average! Another great thing is that living in Florida is so much fun! With so many outdoor activities, you can never be bored. Florida is also home to amazing places like Universal Studios and Disneyland so you can always pay a visit and have fun!

Universal Studio sign in Orlando, Florida
You can enjoy so many fun activities in Florida like visiting Universal Studios or Disneyland!

Great connection

Florida has a lot of airports which makes it very convenient. It’s very well connected so you can travel all around the country without any hassle. This is also good news for your family and friends since you can visit each other easily! You can travel back home for the holidays or they can visit you and enjoy exploring Florida together!

Moving process for New Jerseyans who are considering Florida for their new home

In case this was enough to prove our point and you want to move, let us help you even more! After choosing your perfect place to settle it’s time to prepare for the move. Here’s a guide to help you prepare so you can have a fun and easy relocation experience!


And the first place for most neglected task goes to packing! People tend to underestimate how important this part actually is. The way you pack is important because of so many reasons, one being the safety of your belongings. It’s not just about the packing materials, it is also about categorizing (breakable and nonbreakable, small and big items). In order to pack the right way and avoid any trouble during transport and unpacking, later on, you should do a research and find some tips on how to pack. This way, the packing will be an easy and stress-free experience!


Organizing a transfer is another task on the relocation list. Besides everything else we mentioned, you also have to organize the transfer of all your possessions and items from New Jersey to Florida. Since this is categorized as a long-distance move, you need to pay extra attention. Our advice is to hire professionals and let them help you out executing this part of the moving process. You can be assured they will transfer and deliver all of your items in one piece and on time. This way, you can focus on other things you need to prepare before the move.

moving truck
Hire a professional company to help you and make this move an enjoyable experience!


Now that you have everything packed and transferred to your new place, everything will go smoothly! Well, no. Yes, the big part of the relocation process is finished but unpacking requires the same attention and carefulness as any other task. It’s equally hard and time-consuming as packing was. In case you need help with it you can always count on assistance. Asking professionals to help you handle this one is one smart decision and we’re gonna tell you why.

Hiring a professional moving company

We know that you can do all of this by yourself. However, there are people who are doing this on a daily basis. And considering this is their job, they automatically have more experience when it comes to handling anything regarding relocations. From both packing and unpacking to transportation and storage, professional companies like Pro Movers Miami offer everything you need in order to make your relocation a great experience!

New life chapter in Florida

If you follow this guide for New Jerseyans who are considering Florida for their new home and use the advice we gave you, we can guarantee a stress-free relocation. Make this an enjoyable experience and prepare well for your new life chapter in the Sunshine State!



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