Expanding your business to Manhattan: a handbook

If you’ve managed to build a successful business in NJ and are thinking of expanding your business to Manhattan, you’re on the right track to find out how. Moving out of NJ for work as an entrepreneur is a rewarding experience and challenging at the same time. Naturally, expanding business comes with a risk, but no risk, no profit. If a business is going well in your state of origin, there’s no reason to be any different in NYC, provided that you follow our advice for starters. With a highly competitive market, it is a rat race. However, if possessing the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur and offering a good service or product, there’s no room for failure.

Table of content:

  • marketing and leveraging global platforms
  • asking clients for referrals
  • being creative in business
  • forming a strategic partnership
  • choosing experienced individuals to work for you
  • finding the right moving company and storage solution

How to keep pace with others when expanding your business to Manhattan?

It will take a while before you succeed in keeping pace with other companies, being that you’re new on the market. What you need to break through is a little marketing. A good marketing strategy is crucial for growing your business in Manhattan. Luckily, in the world of technology, advertising your business is a piece of cake. If you want to be hundred percent sure, you can always find a marketing specialist to help with putting your company’s name on the map, and voila! Expanding your online brand presence implies the following:

  • posting content regularly – launching products consistently via a blog, Instagram, etc. will speed up finding customers after expanding your business to Manhattan
  • stay true to your brand – the content you post must never be inconsistent with your brand’s identity
  • run a promotion – make a contest or giveaway to put your brand on the map

Use global platforms

It’s best to use global platforms’ services such as Amazon, Upwork, and so on. Depending on your field of work, find a suitable platform that has reached saturation and use it in order to expand your business.

A picture depicting online marketing and symbolizing the importance of advertisement and promotion when expanding your business to Manhattan
Proper advertising strategy and skills are key to taking your business to the next level.

Asking customers for referrals will get you the clientele

Let’s say if a friend suggested hiring Movers NJ and explained why you should do that, wouldn’t you listen to your friend’s advice? Of course you would because he is a person of trust. Following this example, we can infer that asking customers for referrals would do you good when moving your business to Manhattan. As stated earlier, marketing is everything in the business world. You can’t be passive and wait for things to happen but take the initiative, or else, you’ll get swallowed by bigger fish. And we bet you want to be a shark, right? 

With new ideas, you’ll go far

Making changes to your company by incorporating something new in your service or bringing a new product to the market is always appreciated. Should you offer something that sets you apart from other companies, the better. Being innovative and surrounded by people having creative ideas will enable you to upgrade your business. As you know, people go crazy when they encounter something new. If you give them what they want every once in a while, expanding your business to Manhattan will be one big plus.

A cartoon representing a man who has come up with an idea
Being innovative will get you very far when expanding your business to Manhattan.

What is the fastest route for expanding your business to Manhattan?

After filling a form for a free moving quote at simplifystorage.com and getting familiar with expected moving expenses, you may be wondering what the fastest route to business expansion to Manhattan is. Your commercial move is not cheap, given the fact you are moving interstate. But what can you do to make money spinning ASAP? Acquiring another business and merging with one can double the size of your business in the twinkling of an eye. In this, you must be sure that a would-be partner is a right choice. If not, acquisition or business mergers can turn out to have quite the opposite effect.

A talent pool of candidates is crucial when expanding your business to Manhattan

Whether joining forces with another company or simply finding a workforce, esp. if working in NYC while living in NJ, you must choose candidates carefully. How successful your business will be depend on every link. When surrounded by talented, experienced, and loyal individuals, you can be confident that they run a business properly. If living remotely, this means everything. Now, let’s see whose professionality you should also check to grow your business to Manhattan successfully.

Businessmen shaking hands
When it comes to expanding your business to Manhattan, as anywhere else, you have to choose carefully from a talent pool of candidates.

Find professional moving company

It is well-known that professionals can facilitate the process and that without them, it would be impossible to take up this venture. Moving all the equipment, products, paperwork, and whatnot is a job for experts. Luckily, Manhattan boasts several reputable moving companies. We suggest doing thorough research to find out what works best for you. Hopefully, with the right moving company, you’ll be able to get down to business quickly. That is why it’s crucial to find a team of experts when relocating your business to Manhattan.

Finding appropriate storage solution is relevant when expanding your business to Manhattan

Even looking for a storage unit, a thing that seems irrelevant for expanding your business to Manhattan, is significant indeed. Not having found the appropriate warehouse for your business items, so much can go wrong. You need to make sure that the company is reliable and staff experienced with handling your products. As you must have inferred by far, satisfying yourself with what is best is the one and only way to take your business to the next level.

Good luck!

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