Classy neighborhoods of New Jersey – a detailed guide

One of the top cities in the US is New Jersey, for sure. People from all around the world specifically go to New Jersey to find a place to live. New Yorkers particularly enjoy moving to New Jersey. NY residents want to escape the hectic atmosphere of the Big Apple and find a calmer place. Also, New Jersey is somewhat more affordable than New York. New Yorkers are searching for bigger homes for less money. New Jersey offers some of the classiest neighborhoods in the county for not a lot of money.

Rio Vista

A borough in Bergen County, Alpine is most certainly among the classiest neighborhoods in New Jersey. Located just 15 minutes north of Manhattan, Alpine is a very well connect borough. Many of Rio Vista residents work in New York while comfortably living in New Jersey. It is one of the most expensive boroughs in the US, with a median home value of over $4 million.

Classy neighborhoods of New Jersey explored by a couple.
Rio Vista is certainly one of the classiest neighborhoods of New Jersey.

In Alpine, you can find one of the classiest neighborhoods in the eastern US. A fantastic suburban neighborhood in Nj, Rio Vista is most definitely not for everyone. In it, you can find grandiose homes with large pools and tennis courts, stuff not many can afford.


Alpine is known as a magnet for rich celebrities who want their privacy while maintaining proximity to New York. Here, taxes are low, because there are no local services – not even mail delivery. But that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Alpine residents. The median home price in Alpine is over $4 million. Some famous people who live here are Russell Simmons, Lil’ Kim, and Chris Rock. They know what is good, and it is no wonder why they have chosen Alpine as the place for their home.

But, all of them have something in common, other than living in Alpine and being famous. They had to team up with the right people to move to Alpine. Getting the right movers is so important, and no relocation can be done without them. This is even more true if you are moving far away from your current home. 

So, if you want to avoid any damages, make sure to hire the right people for the job.

Classy indoors.
You have to find reliable movers for the relocation of your special items.

Hartshorn Neighborhood

Located in Short Hills, Hartshorn Neighborhood is more commonly known as Old Short Hills. It is a place where the founder of Short Hills Stewart Hartshorn, built the first home in this community. Homes in this neighborhood could be described as very special. They are characterized by their architectural beauty. It is unquestionably one of the prestigious neighborhoods of New Jersey with a lot to offer. So, if you plan on leaving NY and going to NJ, consider Old Short Hills as your next destination. You are going to get much more than simply buying an apartment in New york.

Englewood Cliffs

Residents of Englewood Cliffs could be described as a decidedly white-collar borough. More than 95% of them work a white-collar job. So, if you want to move to this wonderful borough, know that you’ll be surrounded by managers, professionals, and sales and office workers.

But what makes Englewood Cliffs so attractive to those people? Well, first of all, Englewood Cliffs is a great borough great for families with children. It is a very safe borough, with very low crime rates. In some way, it can be said crime in Englewood Cliffs doesn’t exist.

As you may have concluded, Englewood Cliffs is a borough filled with well-educated people. More than 65% of residents have a 4-year degree or graduate degree. The national average is around 21%.


Mantoloking is a relatively small borough in Ocean County with a population of just over 300 people. Therefore, it can be considered as a single neighborhood. The borough is a Jersey Shore community situated on the Barnegat Peninsula.

By moving to Mantoloking, you’ll experience wonderful oceanic fresh air and even more wonderful neighbors. One of the things every parent should know about before moving to NJ with kids is the state of education. Public schooling is fantastic, with most of the kids attending schools in Point Pleasant Beach.

Children learning.
Public schools in Mantoloking are fantastic!

In conclusion, Mantoloking is a close-knitted borough with a fantastic location and great public schooling.


Another fantastic New Jersey borough is Deal. This interesting borough with a strange name was home to one of the most important painters of non-objective art, Rudolf Bauer. Deal boasts a significant population of Orthodox Sephardic Jews, mainly from Syria.

Deal is a very wealthy borough, and it was ranked in 2007 by Forbes magazine as the 13th most expensive borough in the US, with a median home price of $1,825,000. But this is money well spent. Homes in Deal are spacious with beautiful architecture.

As expected, there are a lot of synagogues in Deal. All of them are quite beautiful, and most of them are still active. Moreover, this borough is very welcoming, and you’ll surely feel like you are at home.

Classy neighborhoods of New Jersey – in conclusion

Every borough and neighborhood in New Jersey has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. However, before you decide to move, you have to be certain of what you expect from the neighborhood you are moving in. It is best to explore some of the neighborhoods on your own and check out the homes. And don’t forget to organize your move to New Jersey, this is very important!

Also, this is not a definitive list, but a small snippet of what you can expect when you move to New Jersey. New Jersey is a wonderful and fairly large state, with a lot to offer. So, wherever you decide to move, know that by moving to NJ you are making a wise choice.

We hope you enjoyed our list of classy neighborhoods of New Jersey!

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