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Moving is a big transition. It is often a step into the unknown. A change of scenery and a new start. You completely transform your environment, and it usually leads to a change in habits, people we meet and socialize with, and places we go to and visit. Moving prep and organization is often complex and occupies us completely as we strive to move stress-free and efficiently. Many people in these situations neglect to pay attention to some of the things we take for granted. Our move entails a change of address that can influence our lives considerably. This is why we should try to keep in mind that there is a whole checklist of people and institutions that we have to inform about our address change.

Address change – who to inform

Our change of address is one of the biggest issues you have to tackle while moving. Informing your friends and family about your new contact details is one thing but you also have to make an organized update of these details. It is good to inform relevant institutions and departments about the change in due time.

Doing it sooner rather than later can save you the troubles and problems that may occur. if you don’t register the change you may be deprived of some services and miss some bills that can cause you problems. So here is a checklist of whom you have to inform of your address change:

  • Post office
  • Tax agency and Social administration
  • Service providers
  • Employer, Bank, and financial service providers
A row of mailboxes symbolizing change of address
Changing your address is important so you don’t miss any bills you have to pay

Changing your address should be one of the things to think about when planning and organizing your move.

Post office

The first place to have your address changed is the post office. It is important to have your mail and bills forwarded to the new address in time. You can make the change of address online and you have the option to make the change in advance starting from a specific date.

Tax agency and social administration

Both tax agencies have to be informed about the change. IRS and state tax authorities allow you to make the change online with minimal effort. If you are receiving any social security benefits your social services office also has to be informed.

Service providers

You should notify your service and utility providers of the change as soon as possible. If you know the precise date of the move you can have these services discontinued at your previous address and turned on at your new address. So notify your gas and electric providers, internet, phone, and cell phone service. Also, include other utility services that you pay for yourself. Updating the address at your service providers is one of the most important changes on the checklist when you move. 

Employer and financial services

Make sure your employer is aware of the change. This will ensure that important documents and tax forms do not get lost.  Inform your bank and credit card issuer of the change to ensure continual service and be up to date. Also inform your loan and insurance providers of the change as well as your dentist, doctor, or veterinarian.

An old phone
To make sure your services do not get disconnected, register the address change

Their billing services will be up to date with this information. Also notify your gym, magazine subscription services, clubs, or shopping sites of the change to ensure continual coverage.

So, it may seem a useless administration but your change of address is important. Make sure you go through this checklist to make sure your address change is duly noted so you won’t miss out on any service and information that might be important.

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