Can Roofing Be Done in the Winter?

Winter’s just around the corner. One might presume it’s the time of the year when most folks forget about jobs concerning household repair. Well, that might be too easy and too quick to assume. Winter might be an ideal period for doing specific renovations around your home. Is roofing one of them? You’ll have to check the article below for an answer to that question. We’ve prepared a list of everything you need to know if you’re wondering if can roofing be done in the winter. Stay tuned for some quality tips.

Isn’t it better to wait until spring?

Regardless of whether you liked “Wait until spring, Bandini” by the legendary John Fante, there’s no reason to wait until spring. Unless you’re a literary fanatic or something, none of our words can ruin your plans. Anyway, many folks hesitate to do any roofing repairs during winter because of the obviously tricky weather conditions. While that is entirely true, it doesn’t have to be a significant issue. It will require some precautions, but it’s doable. Your best bet is to hire roofing professionals. More about that in the paragraph below. But first – some fantastic winter scenery.

Winter is the most picturesque out of all seasons. There’s no doubt about that one. And there is also no doubt if you’re wondering if can roofing be done in the winter.


Hiring roofing professionals?

As we’ve already said, hiring professionals to handle the task is your best bet. They’re experienced and equipped with the necessary tools to complete the job even in harsh weather conditions. You’ll also save yourself the trouble of obtaining the abovementioned necessities and avoid potential risks related to doing roofing reparations during wintertime. If you want to make your home more spacious by doing the roofing, now is the time for it. It might cost a bit more, but nothing’s more expensive than your health. 

Let’s look at some pros and cons of hiring roofing pros during winter. 

The repairs will require a certain amount of time

As one can assume, winter weather conditions can slow down the repairs. Roof renovation certainly isn’t an exception. It doesn’t matter if you’re going DIY or hiring pros – it will take more to repair a roof during wintertime than it would during any other season. Now, it’s always better to carefully plan out and do something than to organize a last-minute type of ordeal. The latter is by no means recommended. It’s also something the folks at Excalibur Moving and Storage tell us. A well-planned action doesn’t have an alternative. So, yeah, expect these renovations to last a bit longer, but know that you’re getting a premium service.

Why are roof renovations during wintertime slower?

There are many types of roof materials from which shingles are made. We can assume you have an asphalt shingle roof. The majority of households around the USA have the same, especially New Jersey seniors. To successfully finish the roof renovations, professionals use a particular form of adhesive to bond the shingles (they have the sealant attached to them) and place them on your roof. During summer, the weather will take care of the adhesive problem, and your shingles will be automatically sealed.

On the other hand, roofers need to make sure each single is sealed during winter. In other words: they need to hand-seal each asphalt shingle. That’s why it can take some time before your roof is repaired.

A roof from above
During winter, roofers must hand-seal each shingle to successfully finish repairing your roof.

Bonus tip: Deal with the attic inventory

Some roof renovations demand you clear out your attic space. If that’s the case with your roof issues, we’ve got a suggestion. How about you rent a storage unit and place all the furniture and other items there and save yourself from the trouble of turning another room of your home into a storage area? That way, you’ll know your stuff is safely stored and that your house hasn’t turned into a hoarder’s den. You can also see if there’s space to do some downsizing. This might be an ideal opportunity to finally get rid of certain items sitting forever gathering dust in your attic.

Roofers are more available during winter

That’s right. Most folks like to handle roof renovations during summer or spring. Also, many roofing companies like these seasons because of the ideal weather conditions. You, as a customer, might be able to book a renovation quicker than you would in warmer parts of the year. The only drawback is that some roofers don’t want to do any repairs during winter. Luckily, you’ll still be able to find a contractor that suits your needs perfectly and is willing to work during winter.

A roofer wondering can roofing be done in the winter
Roofers love to work during summer or spring. It’s hard to book a renovation during the mentioned period.

Immediate issues require immediate action

Sometimes we aren’t given enough time and space to figure out when certain household repairs need to be done. Some roof reparations you can’t delay for the next season. Especially if you’ve recently moved, you must act immediately. Let’s take a guess and say you’re reading this text because you’re in a similar situation. Don’t panic! You’re probably not the only one requesting immediate roof repair. 

Safety measures

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention this. Make sure that whoever is doing your roof repairs gets adequate tools and is experienced in handling this type of task. It’s always best to hire professionals to handle this. But, if DIY’s more your thing, take good care and make sure you’re well-informed about safety measures.

So, can roofing be done in the winter?

If you were wondering if can roofing be done in the winter – now you have your answer. If you ask us, winter is a good time for roofing too. There’s no need to be afraid of roofing in the winter, especially if you’re in need of immediate repair. So, don’t stress yourself about it, call the roofing company and fix this problem right away. Hopefully, you’ve learned something new today.

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