Californian’s guide to New Jersey

California is a great state to live in but surely not the best one. A lot of people see California as a state without flaws. But the truth is, living in California is not as great as one might think it is. This is why a lot of people are moving away from California. And a lot of them are moving to another coast. And a lot of people who move away from California are moving to New Jersey. New Jersey is one of the most popular moving destinations among Californians even though it is a state located on another side of the country. Interstate moving is not easy but it is possible. And moving from one part of the country to another takes a lot of adjusting, it isn’t just a complicated process to go through. And for a lot of people, adjusting is much harder than the move itself. This is why we decided to help out by writing this guide to New Jersey. This is coming from a Californian’s point of view and experience which is why a lot of Californians will find this guide very useful after moving to New Jersey.

Where to move to in New Jersey if moving from California?

If you still haven’t decided just exactly where in New Jersey you will be living in, you are at the right place. We are here to give you a couple of suggestions on where we believe moving to is a good idea. If planning on moving to a big city, there are plenty of them in New Jersey. The most popular one surely is Jersey City and it is where most young people are moving to. Newark is another big city in New Jersey where we think moving to is a great idea. If you are someone who likes to go out and have a lot of fun, Atlantic City is the city for you. Cape May would be a perfect location for families with children. Housing here is amazing and it is a very peaceful part of New Jersey.

New Jersey beach
New Jersey is just as beautiful as California is.

If living by the coast is not what you want to be doing, Nutley is an amazing town to move to. It is located in Essex County which is one of the most popular NJ moving destinations. There are plenty of things to see and do in Nutley. Housing isn’t as expensive as one might think. The average home price in Nutley is around $450,000. This isn’t a small amount of money but not a big one either. There are a lot of Californians living in these towns that we mentioned which is why moving here isn’t a bad idea at all. There are plenty of moving companies that are CA-based that can help with the relocation in a way even if they don’t offer international moving services such as They can help you plan out your relocation.

Cape May.
There are plenty of amazing places to move to in New Jersey.

What is living in New Jersey like after moving from California?

California and New Jersey are very different and it is why adjusting to living in New Jersey after moving from California can be a tough task for a lot of people. This guide to New Jersey can come in handy.

The first and the biggest difference would be the climate. Even though both of these states are coastal, the climate is much different. California has a much warmer climate. California has more than 200 sunny days in a year. This is not the case with New Jersey. New Jersey has cold winters and snow as well. This is not something that can be seen in California.

California is a state that is a lot different from New Jersey for a lot of other reasons, not just the climate. People in New Jersey are much different. In California, people are more laid back than they are in New Jersey. This is just what makes adjusting to NJ hard after living in California. But this depends on which city you move to. If moving to a big city after living in a small town, this will surely be a big change to get adjusted to.

There are plenty of differences between California and New Jersey.

Housing prices

Housing prices are much different in New Jersey than they are in California. California is much more expensive than New Jersey. The average home price in New Jersey is $380,000. This is not a big price to pay for a home. But it doesn’t mean that all homes are affordable. There are cities that are much more expensive than others. For example, Alpine is much more expensive than Nutley. The average housing price in Nutley is around $350,000 whereas in Alpine it is around $2 million. This is a very big difference in prices. But no matter where you decide to move to in California, you can reach out to trained crews to help you with the home-packing process that you surely need to go through.

Is moving to New Jersey from California a good idea?

Last but not least, is leaving California for New Jersey a good idea? It surely is. New Jersey is a state with a lot of job opportunities. There are plenty of jobs available and new workplaces are opening all the time since there are new businesses being opened. There are plenty of things to do in New Jersey as there are to do in California. New Jersey is also a very diverse state. There are people from all over the world moving to New Jersey all the time. But there are people leaving New Jersey as well. Not everyone will find living in NJ as good which is why we suggest renting a home first and then buying one after you are certain that moving to NJ was a good idea. Researching is very important which is exactly why we wrote this guide to New Jersey.

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