Buying a beach house in Florida? Top places to check out

Florida is a coveted place for many people. The ocean, beaches, and sun make it a perfect place to settle down and enjoy. Most people moving to Florida are interested in investing in some oceanfront real estate. Buying a beach house in Florida is sort of a dream. However, it is not impossible to make this dream true. There are many places to check out and choose from. If you know what you want, the process of finding and buying in this endeavor can be easy. So check out Florida and its real estate market.

Where and how to go about buying property

Florida is a big state with plenty of oceanfront and beach properties to choose from. Looking for and finding a place for yourself can seem tough if you know where and how to go on about it. With plenty of cities to choose from it is easy to be overwhelmed. So, besides learning more about Florida and how it can benefit you you should also stop and try to consider and define just what you want from a beach house in Florida.

In short, this means that you have to define what kind of beach property you need and want. You should also take a look at your finance and what you can afford. Also, consider your lifestyle and the needs of you and your family. Decide between the small towns and bigger cities.  After all this, you will have a clear picture of what you will be looking for. Only then you can start your process of buying a beach house in Florida.

A row of houses on a beach
Get the right help when buying a beach house in Florida

What you must do

Buying a beach house in Florida is a big financial decision you have to make so make sure you are prepared. Also, make sure to find adequate help. For buying a house and moving to Florida it is essential to:

  • Find and hire a Florida real estate agent. They will be invaluable as they have knowledge of the market and relevant information.  Do the research and try to find the best agent you can afford. Present them with the list of your requirements but also be prepared to compromise. Your chosen real estate agent will be able to provide you with the best possible offering to beach homes in Florida.
  • Consider hiring the best Florida moving company you can afford. Local movers are the best choice and advises that you should do proper research on these moving companies. Proper research on local movers will allow you to find the best movers you can afford to handle your move. Only reputable movers will be able to handle your move with ease and stress-free.

Best places

The process of buying a beach house in Florida can only start once you set your sites on the best location for you. Among some of the best small towns and cities, you should choose the place that will suit you the most. The one that will meet your needs and the needs of your family. To help you out with your choice here are some of the top places to consider.

  • Mims
  • Cape Coral
  • Pompano Beach
  • South Park Shores
  • Sunny Isles Beach
  • Naples


Mims is one of the best small towns in Florida for homebuyers. It is a very affordable town with many family-friendly amenities. The school system is great which makes it attractive to families. In addition, homes here are well below the national average making it a perfect place to buy a beach house.

Cape Coral

Another great place for families in Cape Coral. This small town draws in not only families but also retirees moving to Florida as well. Homes here are valued at 215.000 dollars which is why the population predominantly buys and owns property here. The town has a lot of canals, and parks and the ocean are near. So, if you are looking for a great beach house Caper Coral is the place for you.

Cape coral channel
Be surrounded by water in the Cape Coral neighborhoods

Pompano Beach

Pompano Bech is well known for its senior population and many senior communities. This town is great for retirement and is a great place for golfing. It has a lot of homes for sale valued at 191.000 dollars. This is a perfect place to buy a beach house in Florida. Once you decide to move in here make sure to get the right moving help. Know that the specialists are the best assistance that can handle your relocation while you relax and enjoy your move to Florida.

South Park Shores

South Park Shores is a place for water lovers. It is a great place for families with children. Life here will make you feel like you are on vacation all the time and will help you relax and enjoy. If you want a beach house and to be surrounded by water South Park Shores is the place for you.

Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is the best compromise between living in a big City and in the Beach. This is one of the most beautiful Miami suburbs. The place is a bit pricy with homes valued at 340.000 dollars but it is a beautiful place for beach lovers that you simply must consider.

A house on the water
Finding a great beach house in Naples is easy


Naples is one of the safest places on this list. It is perfect for seniors that love golfing as well as for families with children. Buying a home on the beach here is easy and the Everglades are only 30 min away if you want a change of scenery. Naples is a bit more expensive but it is a place in high demand. Young professionals, families, and seniors all find the place great because it is safe, clean, and peaceful.

Buying a beach house in Florida can be easy

Rest assured that buying a beach house in Florida is not as complicated as it seems at first. Just make sure you know what you want and where you want to move to. After that everything is much easier.


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