Buyer’s guide to charming small towns of New Jersey

New Jersey is an excellent state to move to. It is close to New York City, there are great living options both in cities and in the suburbs, the climate is great and so much more. However, not much can beat the vibe of charming small towns of New Jersey. Since there are quite a few, making the choice of which one to move to can be somewhat difficult.

Our favorite charming small towns of New Jersey

There are plenty of classy neighborhoods in New Jersey. Still, they all have something different to offer to its residents. Your choice should be based on your and your family’s needs. So, let’s see which area in the Garden State managed to outshine the rest.

Wayne Township

For those that are moving to New Jersey with their families, this is an excellent choice. The public school system is A+ which means that your kiddos will get an outstanding education. Of course, without the hefty price tag that follows private schools. No wonder this area is in demand with large families with children. Great diversity and low crime rates are just other pluses. You can quickly settle in with experts’ help and enjoy your new Garden State home.  You will be loving this place in no time.

A little girl studying in one out of many charming small towns of New Jersey.
Moving to NJ can be a great investment in your children’s’ future since the educational facilities are topnotch.


This particular part of New Jersey is great for all looking to live in an area where the unemployment rates are low. Also, the same goes for property prices. Currently, median home prices are $266,600. Which certainly doesn’t sound like a small amount of money. However, in comparison to properties in the neighboring Empire State, it might as well be pocket change. But there are more benefits to Hackettstown. It is very easy to find assistance in the area when moving. It sure seems that there is a lot of great to look forward to in this NJ town.

Upper Montclair

We have saved the best for last. Upper Montclair is creme de la creme when it comes to moving to child-friendly suburban neighborhoods in New Jersey. Especially, those with kids and pets. It gives you the luxury of popping into NYC while living comfortably away from the hustle and the bustle of the big city. There are also plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shopping to enjoy. If you think that suburban living is boring, this amazing NJ neighborhood will prove you wrong.

Purchasing a property in NJ

Properties in New Jersey have realistic prices which makes them very attainable. Once you combine that fact with the fact that some neighborhoods are pretty irresistible, you will be tempted to purchase a new home. If it comes to that, make sure you do not do it on your own. Learn how to seal the deal with the help of professionals. A great local real estate agent, as well as a real estate lawyer, will be the perfect solution to your problem.

A guy in a black shirt reading a book.
If you aren’t familiar with the process of purchasing a new home, hire experts that will protect your interests.

Choose whatever suits your personal needs

There are plenty of charming small towns of New Jersey. Each and every one is unique and special in its own way. However, only you can know which one is perfect for you. So, choose the right one and get a move on. Your new Jersey chapter awaits you.

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