Budgeting tips when moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City

Planning a relocation might be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do, especially when you consider all of the logistics and expenses involved. Relocating on a budget can be difficult and sometimes seem impossible! But, with these budgeting tips, moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City will be a breeze! Now, let’s see what our experts from Movers NJ think you should do!

Budgeting tips

There are many ways to budget your move, but these are the best ones:

  • Find free boxes
  • Bring your friends and family
  • Declutter

Get free boxes

Getting boxes from local retailers is one method to cut moving costs. Every day, retailers get hundreds of boxes containing merchandise, which they must unpack. They have a surplus of boxes and are always prepared to give them free to anybody who asks. Collect enough boxes for your move from your local supermarket. Go as early as possible in the morning, as boxes tend to be sparse in the afternoon. Also, make sure to set aside a box that will be your essentials box! That way you will be able to survive the day after your move more comfortably.

Getting free boxes from local retailers is a great way to cut moving costs.

Get your friends and family

Requesting assistance from friends and family is a cost-effective approach when moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City. Consider asking someone you know if they have a moving truck and would be ready to help you move your goods for free or at a low cost.

Moving is also made easier if you have someone to assist you with packing, especially if you live in a large house or have a lot of stuff. On moving day, your friends and relatives can assist you by transporting a few of your goods in their car, decreasing the number of trips you must make. If you want professional help, you can hire a company like usantini.com and choose the cheapest package. That way you will be able to save a bit of money, but still, get some professional help. 


Decluttering is an important part of the moving process. Having a bunch of useless items will make your relocation much more difficult. Sort your items into three piles: a charity pile, a trash pile, and the pile you’ll save. Consider whether you actually need certain items. A move can feel like a fresh start for you, so getting rid of your belongings can be symbolic of that.

Garage sale
Organizing a garage sale or a yard sale is a great way to get rid of your clutter!

If you decide to sell some of your items it will be a great way to further reduce your moving costs. It is a great idea to figure out your expenses and try to cover a part of them by selling some of your clutter. When setting a budget don’t forget to count in the gas and moving company expenses (if you hire one).

In conclusion

Because clutter has been linked to bad mental health, it’s better to have a minimalist mindset when sorting through your stuff to ensure you have fewer items to relocate. This is probably the most important step if you are organizing your first move! Now that you know how to save some money when moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City, you should go to your local store and get those free boxes!

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