Best places to live in Essex County, NJ

New Jersey has become one of the popular states to live in the USA. Most people are relocating to this state every year. This means that there are a lot of places to choose for a living suitable for everybody’s taste. For example, there are the benefits of moving to New Jersey with your kids, no matter which city you choose for a living. In this case, when we talk about living in Essex County, you should not miss this opportunity. You just have to think wisely about which of the best places to live in Essex County to choose. Keep in mind that for every city there are the pros and cons of living in it. So, what should you know about these places?

A list of the best places to live in Essex County

Firstly, let us present to you a list of the best places in Essex County that are suitable for living:

  • Short Hills.
  • Glen Ridge.
  • Livingston is also on the list of the best places to live in Essex County.
  • North Caldwell.
  • Montclair.

In order to make a better decision given your circumstances, we are going to present to you each of these places.

A small wooden model house on the grass.
Explore all your options carefully before you start packing.

Short Hills

Known as the suburb of NYC, this place has a population of only 13,000 people. Even though it is a quiet and peaceful place, there are still a lot of things to do in your free time. For example, visiting local bars, cafes, restaurants or simply going to NYC is possible if you choose Short Hills as your future place. Also, if you relocate to Short Hills, you can explore things after moving to New Jersey, not only here but across the entire state. Living in Short Hills will give you a lot of opportunities.

Glen Ridge

With a population of only 7,000 people, Glen Ridge still has its own benefits. This place is known as a family one. So, there are a lot of families who are living in Glen Ridge and raising their children. Speaking about the activities in this place, you can find them. In most cases, the activities are for families. If you have planned to relocate with your family, Glen Ridge is definitely a suitable option for you. Just find a moving company that offers different types of services and which can relocate you with ease, such as Van Express Movers New Jersey company. Be sure that you will relocate to Glen Ridge in no time.

Livingston is also known as one of the best places to live in Essex County

Speaking about Livingston, this place is also known as a family-friendly. That is one of the reasons why is it on the list of the best places to live in Essex County.  But, what makes Livingston a special place is that most people have their own houses and they do not pay rents. You can conclude that the costs of living are affordable ones and you will easily find affordable real estate opportunities. If you have children, you should not worry about their education. There are public and private schools in Livingston that are ranked really high. So, if you decide to put down roots in Livingston, you will not make a mistake. Living in this place will give you a lot of new options and opportunities.

Parents taking a walk with their child.
Moving to Livingston with your family is a good decision.

North Caldwell

This place has a population of only 6,000 people and it is the smallest place on the list. However, living in North Caldwell can be a benefit, despite it being a small place. In North Caldwell, you can find a good educational program, affordable house prices, a lot of bars, restaurants, cafes, etc. Be sure that in your free time, you can have fun in North Caldwell and meet a lot of interesting and warm people.


Montclair is the biggest place from the list that we have presented to you. With a population of over 37,000 people, living in Montclair will give you a lot of new things to experience and see. We can say that this place is suitable for families. But, it is also suitable for Millenials if they decide to start living in Montclair. There are a lot of places for young people and schools are at a high level. Also, relocating Montclair is an easy thing. Keep in mind that with appropriate assistance, Montclair relocation without trouble is possible. Be sure that you are going to love living in this place!

A house in Montclair.
Montclair is suitable for everybody, Millenials included.

No matter which of the best places to live in Essex County you choose, prepare properly for your relocation

As you can see, when we talk about places to live in Essex County, you have a lot of options to choose from. No matter what your final decision is, do not forget that preparing properly for relocation is a crucial thing. This means that you will have to face some of the hardest challenges of domestic moving. Still, if you plan everything on time and prepare properly, there is no worry. Be sure that you will have a smooth and stress-free move!

Essex County can give you a lot of opportunities

When we talk in general about Essex County and living in it, there are more pros than cons. You can see that there are a lot of beautiful places you can visit and see. Also, all of them are suitable for living. The point is to think wisely about which option would you like to experience and choose. Do not forget that you can always relocate to another place if you want to.

Enjoy in Essex County!

To conclude, no matter which of the best places to live in Essex County you choose, there is no mistake. Living in Essex County is a real chance and you should not miss it. Keep in mind that you will enjoy living in any of these places and that you will love NJ. Also, adaptation after relocation will not be a problem at all. Be sure that you will adapt in no time!

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