Best places in Washington state for New Jersey retirees

The majority of people imagine retirement as lying on a sunny beach, carefree. If retiring to the sun-drenched coasts isn’t for you. Consider retiring to Washington state. Many of Washington’s top retirement cities provide stunning bay vistas. As well as the milder climate of the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, Washington is tax-friendly to retirees. Making retirement more affordable. That is why so many New Jersey retirees look for a good state. To spend their golden years in. Be sure that you know the pros and cons of moving to the suburbs if that is something you are thinking of. You need to know what will be best for you.

Olympia can be a place for you

Olympia, Washington’s capital. Is the state’s fourth-best area for retirees to settle down. The capital is located at the southern end of Puget Sound. Offers retirees the chance to visit a variety of public parks, natural reserve areas, and recreation areas. With seniors accounting for fewer than a quarter of the population. It’s understandable that there aren’t many retirement complexes in the city. Olympia seems to have the third-highest number of health centers. Making medical care accessible to all citizens. Visit professionals at so they can help you with the move. They will even give you a free estimate on your relocation. So you will know how to add relocation help to the budget.

Happy seniors that found the perfect place for them
Be sure to find the perfect place for your golden years so you can be happy

Redmond is great for New Jersey retirees

Redmond is more than just a city it’s a retirement community. This place will make you feel like a member of the family. The residents’ satisfaction is the top priority and this place gives both independent and assisted living options. Among these good qualities, Redmond will offer you even more. There are many parks and beautiful places that you can visit for some fresh air. In case you are dealing with some excess items that cause clutter in your household, you can find a suitable solution for them too.

Anacortes is very active oriented

Anacortes is Washington’s largest city on Fidalgo Island. Is a wonderful retirement option for seniors who enjoy boating and the outdoors. You’ll have quick access to the San Juan Islands. As well as ideal whale-watching areas. If this seems like the kind of retirement you’re looking for. You’ll be relieved to learn that the city has the fourth-highest percentage of seniors. Among the top-10 cities in Washington. You’ll be able to participate in these fun events. Alongside other Anacortes retirees this way. But be sure to use the best ways to get to know your neighborhood. So you will know all the ins and outs of the place you live in.

Senior person taking a photo while being active in Anacortes
You will be happy in Anacortes if you love to be active.

Gig Harbor can offer peace for New Jersey retirees

For seniors, Gig Harbor offers spectacular and peaceful views. You’ll also get access to the city’s many recreation centers. And retirement homes if you need them. Seniors make up almost a quarter of the population of Gig Harbor. In the event of an emergency. You’ll be relieved to learn that Gig Harbor has the most medical centers per 1,000 residents in Washington. Therefore, you will always have a near you. That will help you prepare an essentials box when relocating. It does not matter the location. You need it when moving.

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