Best places in Florida for NJ retirees 

As you reach retirement age, you want to leave New Jersey for a place you can be without worries. And you do not have to think a lot to come up with Florida. The Sunshine State is one of the favorite retirement destinations, no matter where you are in America. The state has beautiful places where a New Jerseyan will be happy to spend its golden years. An abundance of choices can make choosing where to retire in Florida challenging. Movers NJ will recommend the best places in Florida for NJ retirees

Why retire in Florida and not in Jersey?

Before we get into the charming cities of Florida suitable for retirement. Let’s see what makes the Sunshine State the best place for retirees. 

  • The first reason retirees from NJ come to Florida is the low cost of living. As you get older, you can not work anymore, and all the money you earn has to last. By leaving New Jersey, you will reduce your daily cost by 18%. And by selling your home in New Jersey, you can buy a new one in Florida and still have 100,000 dollars left over. 
  • People leave Jersey and retire in Florida because of the tax benefits. There are two tax benefits of Florida. If you want to work in your retirement, you will keep more of your income because there is no state income tax. And if you do not want to work, your pension income will last you more because the state does not tax it. Find the perfect interstate mover to get you to Florida from Jersey. 
  • The third reason New Jerseyans retire in Florida is the sunny weather. When you retiree, the one thing you have too much of your free time. And you want to use that free time as much as you can. By retiring in Florida, you will have sunny days constantly, and you can fill them with activities. 
TAX in different colored letters, learn about the Best places in Florida for NJ retirees
Because of Florida’s tax system, you can work in your retirement and not pay state income tax.

To see the full beauty of the Sunshine State, you need to relocate there. If you can not find reliable movers, you should check out, which can get you to Florida problem-free. 

Best places in Florida for NJ retirees – Lighthouse Point 

The first place a retiree from NJ should check out is Lighthouse Point. By deciding to move to Lighthouse Point, you will give up a significant benefit of Florida – the low cost of living. The cost of living in Lighthouse Point is higher than in New Jersey. And homes will cost you around 570,000 dollars. 

In Lighthouse Point, you will have a lot of company because around 30% of residents are retirees. The beach is close by, and you should visit Deerfield Beach when you move there. 

Check out Safety Harbor  

The second city you should check out in Florida is Safety Harbor. Safety Harbor in Tampa Bay and around 16,000 people live in the city. About 21% of the population is over 65, so you will also have plenty of company. Safety Harbor is 11% less expensive than New Jersey, which means you will have plenty of money to spend on yourself. The city is known for its springs, specifically Espiritu Santo Springs – Springs of the Holy Spirit. Later the springs were converted into a spa, which is now a popular tourist destination in the city. If you like what Safety Harbor has to offer, team up with reliable pros who will relocate you into your new home hassle-free. 

person counting money
What makes Safety Harbor one of the best places in Florida for NJ retirees is affordability.

Take a look at Gulfport

The third city you should check out is Gulfport. Gulfport is a small city in Pinellas County with around 12,000 people. What makes Gulfport one of the best places in Florida for NJ retirees is the walkability. Everything is reachable on foot in Gulfport, no matter if you are going to the Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market or the Gulfport Municipal Beach. Unlike most Florida cities, Gulfport is not only about the sun and beaches. Gulfport has a beautiful nature preserve called Clam Bayou Nature Park. Clam Bayou Nature Park is near the downtown waterpark. There are plenty of activities you can do there. If you are still adventurous, you can go kayaking or paddling. But if you do not want to exert yourself, you can enjoy nature while walking on the many trails of this nature preserve.

The peak of retirement communities is Pelican Bay 

The fourth city you should consider retiring to from NJ is Pelican Bay. Another place that is on the more expensive side, is about 30% more expensive than New Jersey. If you want to buy a home there, it will cost you around 780,000 dollars. But we think that it would be worth it because 80% of the population is over 65 years old. Because of the large senior population, Pelican Bay is a perfect place for a retiree from Jersey. You will get to know the neighborhood and people with similar views to yours, and you will not have to worry about noise. 

man and woman laughing while using gadgets
Making friends will be easy in Pelican Bay because of the big senior population.

When you want to spend time outside in Pelican Bay, you will probably go to Clam Pass Park. And for more fun activities, Naples Grande Beach Resort is close. 

Best places in Florida for NJ retirees – St. Petersburg

The final recommendation is St. Petersburg in Pinellas County. St. Petersburg is the most populated city in our article, with over 250,000 residents. You should come to St. Petersburg if you are looking to have more fun than the average retiree because the population is on the younger side. 

Choose the best place for your needs 

We believe that these are the best places in Florida for NJ retirees. Depending on if you want comfort or activity, you can find the perfect place for your needs. And if you have trouble reaching any of the places suitable for NJ retirees in Florida from our article, reach out.


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