Best cities for young families in Morris County, NJ

Families are always searching for a better place to live in. Whether it be financial, safety, or any other reasons, moving to a better place is never a bad idea. There are plenty of states in the country where moving to with your family is what we would recommend doing. But surely one of the best states to live in as a young couple is Morris County in New Jersey. There are plenty of counties in New Jersey where you can relocate to as a young family but Morris County has plenty of options. There are dozens of cities to talk about that are located in this county and are perfect for family living. This is why we have decided to write this article about some of the best cities for young families in Morris County.

Read about these places and consider moving here because there are plenty of pros of living in one of these places and here is where you can read about some of them.

East Hanover

The first city we will tell you more about is East Hanover. It is a relatively small town with just around 20,000 residents. This means that it is a very safe place to live in as there aren’t a lot of people living here. This is a great place to raise children for plenty of reasons, not just because it is small and safe. The community here is very close-knit as there are plenty of local events which residents host and love going to. These events are usually something related to art, theatre, and music. They are very entertaining which is why people bring their children to these events as well. Luckily you are not moving to the city alone, but if you were, this would be the perfect place for meeting new people.

New Jersey state.
East Hanover has plenty of nature and parks where you can go to with your family.

Many of these events are hosted for children which is why a lot of families from outside the town come here as well. This is the perfect place to meet other young families which is another reason why this is one of the best cities for young families in Morris County. Finding an affordable apartment here is not such an easy task which is just what attracts more young people to the city.

Another one of many reasons why moving to East Hanover is the best thing to do is the fact that this is a town full of nature. There are plenty of parks here and the local government does a great job of keeping them looking nice and clean. If moving to this town, these parks will be your favorite place for spending free time with your family. Troy Medows and Lurker Park are two places you must surely visit. There are a couple of golf courses in the town as well. This is why there are plenty of retirees moving to the town. And it is what makes it an even safer place to live in. And can help you relocate to the town from anywhere.

New Jersey park.
There are plenty of places to spend quality time with your family.

Mountain Lakes

Not far from East Hanover there is another small town which we consider to be one of the best cities for young families in Morris County and it goes by the name Mountain Lakes. This is the perfect family town for young couples even though it is small in size. There are plenty of things to do here with or without children. The name of the town originates from Mountain Lakes Lake that is located here. The best part about this lake is the fact that there is a beach here even though it is a lake. This means that you have where to cool down during the hot summer days. But this is not the only lake in the city. Wildwood Lake, Crystal Lake, and Sunset Lake a couple more of them but swimming is not possible here.

There are plenty of parks in Mountain Lakes as well. Wildwood Fields and Halsey A Fredrick Park will surely be your favorite places to go to. You can take a walk, ride bikes, have a picnic, or let your children play on the playground with other children in one of these parks. These are just some of the things that make moving to Mountain Lakes an amazing idea. No matter where you are currently living, you can transfer your possessions safely from one home to another in no time.

Nature and lake.
Plenty of beautiful nature and lakes are the main characteristics of this amazing town.

Harding Township

The last place out of a few of many great cities for young families in Morris County is Harding Township. This is a township located just below Morristown. Many would agree that there are plenty of perks of living so close to such a town. Morristown has plenty of things that you might need but so is Harding Township. This is another town with a couple of different bodies of water that are surrounded by parks. In fact, most of the town is covered in grass and trees as this is an area full of wonderful nature.

The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is located in the city. Here is where you will be able to learn plenty of things on one of many educational programs. You can also go hiking here as well as animal-seeing. There are plenty of birds living here that are nowhere else to be found. Jockey Hollow is where you can ride horses. If you have children, this will be a lot of fun for them. If planning on moving with your whole family, this is the perfect place for you. Housing is affordable and the homes are spacious.

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