Benefits of living in New Jersey while working in NYC

There are plenty of benefits of living in New Jersey while working in New York City. And that is what we are here to tell you more about. Since a lot of people who are living in NYC are now finding it harder to keep up with its fast development and growth, plenty of people are moving away as well. Some are moving for good and some move to places nearby so that they do not have to search for a new job. If this is what you want to do so as well, here is where you can read a couple of benefits of living in New Jersey while working in NYC.

The difference in pricing

Even if you haven’t been living in New York City you surely do know that it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. This doesn’t include only food. Everything in NYC is very expensive. And even though the income here is big as well, for a lot of people it isn’t easy to keep up with this standard. We all want to earn more money and spend less. If that is the case with you as well, living in New Jersey is for you.

STacked money.
New Jersey is much more affordable which is surely a benefit.

Even though these two places are close to one another, the difference in pricing is huge. Especially when it comes to real estate. Since a lot of people are not able to afford housing in New York City, they head over to New Jersey.

New Jersey is much better for buying a home as it is more affordable. The average home value in the state of New Jersey is around $500,000. This is a much lower price than the one that is in New York City. There are some affordable homes to be found in NYC but they do require a lot of renovations. And when you add it all up together, it doesn’t turn out to be affordable at all.


As home-buying requires a lot of money, most young people turn to rent homes. A lot of people say that renting is a waste of money but we believe otherwise. When living in these areas, you would be able to live much more comfortably if you are renting a home.

Also, keep in mind that in a lot of apartments in NYC you do not have enough space. According to, this is why a lot of people also need to have money to rent storage units. Living in NYC means having plenty of expenses that are not small at all.

House keychain.
Renting a home pays off more when living in New Jersey.


Renting a home in NYC surely means you need to spend a couple of thousands of dollars every month. But this is not the case with New Jersey which is one of the benefits of living in New Jersey. Renting is very affordable. You can find a very lovely apartment to rent for just around $1500 a month. This is impossible if living in NYC as the average rent price is around $4000 a month. That is if you manage to find an apartment.

Finding homes is much easier

Another one of the many benefits of living in New Jersey while working in NYC is the fact that finding a home is a much easier process. Even though the real estate market in NJ is busy as it is in NYC, there are more homes available. Homes in NJ are also bigger than the ones in NYC. Most of them have a lot more storage space.

Affordable storage also helps

But even if you don’t find a home that has enough storage space, there is a handy solution for your belongings. You can always rent a storage unit. They are more popular among NYC residents as they are the ones lacking storage space more often.

It is more peaceful

One of the benefits of living in New Jersey is also the fact that it is a much more peaceful place. NYC is very hectic. There are a lot of things going on every day in New York City. Millions of people on the streets, both residents and tourists. This makes life a little harder as that means that there is always a traffic jam to get stuck in and a line to wait in at the coffee shop or supermarket.

Home toy and papers.
You will find the perfect home in New Jersey as there are more homes available.

Plenty of people find these things annoying and want to get away from all the liveliness of NYC. This is when they decide to move to New Jersey as it is much more slowly paced and relaxed. There aren’t such large numbers of people there. This makes relaxing after working hours much nicer and easier. This is just one of many perks of living in NJ. And there are plenty more of advantages to living in New Jersey while working in NYC.

Commuting to work is easy

A lot of people would assume that you need to waste a lot of time journeying to work but that is not the case. In fact, commuting from NJ to NYC is very fast. You really don’t need a lot of time to get from one place to another. They are well-connected. This goes for both private and public transportation. This is certainly why a lot of millennials choose to live in NJ while working in NYC. They do not want to waste time commuting to work through a lot of traffic.

Bottom line

New York City is a huge place. Even though it is, there isn’t enough space for everyone who works there to live there as well. This is why a lot of people you see on the streets of NYC are living outside of New York. A lot of them just work in New York as it is one of the biggest business centers in the world. It seems obvious that the cost of living is responsible for why most people are living in New Jersey while working in NYC.

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