8 reasons why New Jersey is the right place for your business

It seems that the State of New Jersey today is one of the most prospective locations for doing business. This is why there is a trend of many small companies moving to NJ lately. There are many reasons to do so. Jersey is one of the most densely populated marketplaces with a low unemployment rate and is considered to be one of the largest economies in the US. It seems clear why moving a business to new Jersey might be the right decision and why it might mean taking the business to the next level. But let’s analyze some of the reasons why New Jersey is the right place for your business.

Jersey – business prospects

New Jersey has a number of reasons to move your business here. While the commercial/ office moving process may be difficult and complex it is doable. With proper planning and organization, the move should not slow the productivity down and cause too much disruption. Furthermore hiring professional assistance with experience in commercial moving should also help. Adequate moving preparation and assistance will eliminate the risk of business disruption while moving.

High-rises shot from below
New Jersey offers great business development conditions

In addition, business prospects in Jersey are also worth the trouble of moving. Here are just some of the reasons to do just that:

  1. Workforce
  2. Education system
  3. Location matters
  4. Diversity and living conditions
  5. Affordability
  6. Support
  7. Innovation
  8. A business-friendly environment

New Jersey is the right place for your business due to access to the workforce

As Jersey is so densely populated companies have already made a reservoir of workers at their disposal. The workforce is diverse and highly educated. Jersey is ranked one of the smartest states with its highest concentration of scientists and engineers per square mile. The workforce is increasing with people moving in in search of work.

Excellent education system

New Jersey has a long history of investment in a world-class education for children. The moto is to support innovation through investment in quality education as its prerequisite. All levels of the education system are very highly ranked with the Princeton university being named Number 1 University in the US.

Location, Location

With its central location Jersey is well connected and close to some of the biggest markets in the world. New Jersey is strategically located on the Boston-NY-Washington corridor and close to Philadelphia. This is a vast market to serve with a high-density population. Also, it has easy access to the largest transportation hubs. The biggest seaport in the US and an international airport in Newark connect Jersey globally to other markets.

People at the presentation why New Jersey is the right place for your business
Education, workforce, and support to business and innovation are some of the reasons why New Jersey is the right place for your business.


New Jersey prides itself on diversity. A large portion of its citizens is foreign-born which brings it the diversity in language, culture, and religion from which the state draws strength. At the same time, the state is family-friendly and safe. New Jersey is one of the best places to live and the healthiest state in the US.


The state offers affordable real estate to both businesses and families alike. The state is cheaper than NYC or Silicon Valley which draws in companies. Also, working families can find affordable housing and real estate. The housing solutions are also readily available.


The garden state has a commitment to help support startups and entrepreneurs. Technology and science companies are receiving financial support in numerous ways. From collaborative business incubators and accelerators to technical assistance. Also, funding and free rent co-working facilities stimulate development and growth which indicates that New Jersey is the right place for your business.

NJ riverfront
NJ has great locations to the biggest markets and a connection to the rest of the world


At the backbone of New Jersey’s economic development is innovation. Jersey is home to Edison’s lightbulb, immunotherapy, and medication research and production. Today it is at the forefront of drone, AI, and communication research.

Business-friendly environment

In addition to these aspects, new Jersey offers a business-friendly environment and services. The state offers business assistance for companies looking to move here. At the same time, it tries to help them find their bearings in the new environment.¬†So, Jersey may be the promised land for small businesses and enterprises. Consider all of the reasons and you’ll find that New Jersey is the right place for your business¬†indeed.

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