6 reasons why everyone should visit Louisiana

Louisiana is a southeastern state that’s a real mixture of cultures: French, African, French-Canadian, and modern American. It’s worldwide known for its unique Creole and Cajun culture. But let’s not forget about the food, jazz music, and Mardi Gras festival, of course. You can also find fishing, great state parks, and wartime exhibits if you are more into nature and hiking or fishing. There is something for everyone but let’s see all six reasons why everyone should visit Louisiana. Maybe after reading this you decide on relocating there. Why not, many people say that Louisiana is a great place to raise a family. Read on.

Festivals  – one of the reasons to visit Louisiana

This must be number one on the list because of the Mardi Gras Festival. People all over the world are coming to witness it each year. It is so spectacular that celebrities are also rushing from all over the world to enjoy Mardi Gras. Fun fact – Mardi Gras is a French phrase for Fat Tuesday. How funny is that? This is a carnival celebration. It begins on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday, more commonly known as Shrove Tuesday. What do you need for Mardi Gras? Beads, of course, lots and lots of colorful beads. Masks too. This popular cultural phenomenon dates all the way back thousands of years to pagan spring and fertility rites. So this isn’t just some fancy new festival that is simply fun. This is part of their tradition and culture. Are you thinking about relocation already?

Mardi Gras festival, one of the reasons to visit Louisiana.
In Louisiana, there is a festival for everything, but Mardi Gras is by far the most popular one.

Interesting history  – New Orleans

New Orleans has so much history that there are thousands of movies, TV shows, and books about it. You probably heard all the stories about witches from New Orleans. The most popular stories are about Marie Catherine Laveau and her daughter Marie Laveau II. Marie was a voodoo practitioner, self-thought herbalist, and midwife who was renowned in New Orleans. But there is no need for us to spoil you the whole story about her now, it won’t be fun later on. Of course, New Orleans is much more than just a few cool witch legends. There is so much to learn and explore. To see as well.

A street in New Orleans
This is the most popular city in the whole of Louisiana.


Foodies are going to love Louisiana. This is a pretty good reason why everyone should visit Louisiana. Grab a napkin and let’s explore all local food.

The first on the list is of course Beignets. They are square-shaped pieces of fried dough, topped with powdered sugar. They are not very big so often are served three per portion. Po’boy is also very popular. It’s a submarine-type sandwich made with French bread and it looks yummy. State food is Gumbo. This dish combines the culinary practices of Africans, Native Americans, French, & Spanish. So it really represents Louisiana the best.

If you just did the research on all this great food you are probably thinking about life in Louisiana. That’s quite understandable. If you decide to settle in here there are local movers that can help you out with the whole process of relocation. Just give them a call.

Fishing and hiking – nature, yet another reason why everyone should visit Louisiana

In Louisiana, you will be able to find some of the best bass angling in the world. This is because of its abundance of lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and marshes. Fishing enthusiasts know all about this one. If you love nature there 21 state parks you can explore, they are governed by the Office of Lieutenant Governor. Almost 20% of Louisiana is water. Even though Louisiana is fairly flat, there are few spectacular waterfalls despite its volume of water. So as you can see every nature lover will find something great to explore here.

Tourist attractions

Trip Advisor says that the most popular tours in Louisiana are New Orleans Ghost, Voodoo, and Vampire walking tour and Adults Only –  Ghost, True Crime, Voodoo, and Vampire walking tour. But there is something called Food Walking Tour on the French Quoter that you should not miss. Louisiana’s Old State Capitol is a very spectacular building and many people go there while visiting. There are some great tours on the Mississipi river that are also very popular and should be checked out definitely.

Breaux Bridge

Another reason why everyone should visit Louisiana is this city. It is the most beautiful city in the state. But it is not known for its beauty as much as it is known as “the crawfish capital of the world”. Breaux Bridge became so well known for its crawfish farming and cooking that, in honor of its celebration in 1959, the Louisiana legislature officially designated Breaux Bridge as “la Capitale Mondiale de L’ecrevisse” meaning – the crawfish capital of the world.

Lake Martin
Lake Martin is a very popular destination in this city.

Moving to Louisiana

If you are one of those people dreaming of moving to Louisiana let’s talk some more about this one. This state can offer you a low cost of living and a pretty diverse culture, along with seven cities among the top places to live in the USA. People, there are very friendly. They say hello to strangers and it is very easy to engage in conversation with them. This is a reason why it’s so easy to adapt in Louisiana. If you decide on the next step, contact Zippy Shell Louisiana to talk more about relocation with them.

Do the research

This is just a beginning. If you are serious about moving here you must do thorough research. Also finding great real estate can take some time, but there are people that can help, like real estate agents. Hopefully one day you and your family will see all these amazing things Louisiana can offer. And of course, try all this worldwide famous food.

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