5 reasons to spend the holidays in NYC

Are you planning a vacation to New York City for the holidays? While NYC is fantastic at any time of year, Christmas in New York is especially wonderful. It’s an unofficial rule of life that everyone should try and experience holidays in NYC at least once in their lives. For good reason, almost every Christmas film ever is set in New York and the atmosphere is just magical. Christmas is a lovely time of year in this beautiful city, and there are several ways to celebrate. However, it could feel overwhelming to those who aren’t used to the crowds. You may be considering a Christmas vacation to New York but aren’t sure how to spend those few magical days or what to do while you’re visiting. Continue reading to learn about the finest ways to celebrate Christmas and other winter holidays in New York City. So, let’s get on with the 5 reasons to spend the holidays in NYC!

Thanksgiving Parade

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is New York’s way to kick off the holiday season. It is a great intro to the season because the last float is traditionally Santa Claus. Aside from him, there are also dozens of different floats that represent well-known and loved characters. If you have kids, this is an attraction you don’t want to miss out on during your trip. Every year there are many new floats, but the most famous ones are still there! Alongside the floats, you will be able to see marching bands, Broadway shows, and giant inflatables. If you love the behind-the-scenes action, you can go to the Upper West Side to see them getting inflated. The inflating takes place one day before the parade, and most people say it’s just as fun to witness. 

Shallow focus photo of a phone taking a photo of a Christmas tree.
Rockefeller Christmas tree and ice skating rings are an NYC holiday staple.

Rockefeller Centre Christmas Decorations

If you have ever seen a Christmas movie set in New York City, you probably know how the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree looks like. It’s the most magical piece of Christmas decoration in the entire city. It brings in thousands and thousands of photos from tourists every year. Moreover, it towers under the beautifully lit ice skating rink. If you know how to skate, don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the holiday fun! Buy you and your family some tickets and rent out the skates. If you’re alone, don’t worry, this is also a great spot to meet people and make friends. However, keep in mind there will be a huge wait to get on the ice once peak season begins on November 21. Because of that, it’s better to buy tickets ahead of time when they go on sale on November 12.

Bronx Zoo Holiday Light Show

Another amazing holiday destination you have to check out if you visit NYC this year is the Bronx Zoo holiday light show. It’s a dazzling holiday festival, which includes moving lights and LED displays depicting animals from throughout the world. This year again, the zoo is expected to have over 260 animal lanterns spread throughout five regionally represented lantern safaris from across the world. There will also be Christmas music, costumed characters, souvenirs, and seasonal delights like hot chocolate and s’mores. Of all the reasons to spend the holidays in NYC, visiting the Bronx Zoo during the holiday light show will give you the holiday experience you were hoping for.

It’s very possible NYC during the holidays will absolutely steal your heart. New York alone is fascinating, but during holidays, when there are Christmas decorations all around, the crowds and the feeling of joy in the air – it will make you want to experience it all every day. If you were already considering moving there, this trip is what may help you decide once and for all. If you do get serious about moving to New York City, you can find valuable online resources about the city at usantini.com as well as other packing and moving guides.

Woman drinking from a cup with holiday decorations behind her.
Drinking hot chocolate and caroling in Washington Square Park is an ideal way to spend Christmas Eve.

Washington Square Park Christmas Caroling

If you’re looking to get into the Christmas spirit, we know just the thing for you – carolers! There are so many reasons why you should spend the holidays in NYC, but one of the biggest and possibly most fun holiday attractions is carolers at Washington Square Park. It’s a must-see event! This park, located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Lower Manhattan hosts a number of holiday events. Every year, in this NYC neighborhood, there’s a tree lighting event at the beginning of December. And then, each Christmas Eve, carolers meet in the park to sing classic carols and anyone is free to join in. Songbooks are also free, so don’t worry if you or your friends don’t know the words!

Circle Line Holiday Sightseeing Cruises

Why spend your Christmas Eve at home like every other year when you can spend it in a festive and memorable way—with a dinner cruise aboard Circle Line. This is an amazing event you don’t want to miss out on and is easily one of the great reasons to visit NYC during the holidays. Get to see the city decorated for Christmas and enjoy a beautiful dinner all in one. Usually, the Christmas Eve holiday cruise offers an Italian-style buffet dinner as well as a variety of sweets. There is an open bar with various alcoholic beverages and a DJ spinning all your Christmas favorites.

Storage In NYC

If you’re planning on moving to NYC, we would strongly suggest you consider renting storage space. Many people don’t realize how small NYC apartments can get before you unpack all your stuff, and then simply run out of room to unpack. To avoid that, get a storage unit and use it as a place to leave your stuff while you unpack the essentials. After you’re finished, you can still use the space for other belongings, for example, keeping your summer clothes in or other excess stuff.

Traffic in NYC during holidays.
The holiday crows and the excitement is among the most important reasons to spend the holidays in NYC

In Conclusion – Why You Should Visit NYC During Holidays

If you’re looking for all the reasons to spend holidays in NYC, we’d need so much more space to cover exactly everything you should visit during your trip. This guide will help you get to know NYC more if you plan on moving there someday. However, it’s not just about the great touristy hotspots you should check out. They are great, but it’s so much more than that too. New York City during holidays is just different than anything else you’ve experienced before. So, if you’re looking for reasons to spend the holidays in NYC and some magic this holiday season, book a trip to NYC for you and your friends or family.

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