4 things to avoid when staging your apartment

When you’re putting your apartment on the market, the goal is to sell it as quickly as possible and for the best price. An easy way to accomplish that is to stage your apartment and make it attractive for buyers. However, some home staging designs can turn off buyers and should be avoided. Here are some things to avoid when staging your apartment.

1.Staging for your taste

First-time sellers usually make the mistake of staging apartments according to their tastes. People forget that they should do it for the buyer and not themselves. So, make sure you avoid this. You’re staging to sell, therefore prepare your apartment to appeals to a majority of the target market. If your apartment isn’t big, learn all about the importance of mirrors in small apartments. Create a neutral setting that attracts buyers to picture themselves living there. Also, make sure you depersonalize the space. So, remove all those family photos, artwork, and similar. Pack and put them in storage.

Apartment Kitchen
One of the things to avoid when staging your apartment is staging for your taste.

2.Things to avoid when staging your apartment – Neglecting the clutter 

When it comes to staging an apartment for sale, decluttering is one of the most important steps. It doesn’t mean just cleaning things up, you must go a step further. So, remove all those small appliances from the kitchen counters, hide toiletries in the bathroom, and thin out the décor. Make sure you keep the apartment as minimal as possible. It will help buyers to stay focused on the home and not the items in it. Also, it will make the space bigger and more open.

3.Not using enough lighting

Lighting has a big impact on both look and feel of every living space. So, not using enough lighting is one of the 4 things to avoid when staging your apartment. Dark space will make a buyer think twice about putting in an offer. But, proper lighting will make your apartment look warm and attractive to buyers. So, use this tip, try home lighting ideas for any room, and draw a buyer’s attention to your apartment’s best features. For best results, make sure your rooms have all three types of lighting. Those are ambient, task, and accent. Also, embrace the natural light and open up blinds and draperies.

Apartment Interior - Things to avoid when staging your apartment
Make sure your apartment has enough lighting.

4.Not staging the whole apartment – One of the things to avoid when staging your apartment

Another thing to avoid is staging just the main rooms, like the kitchen, living room, and bedroom while other rooms are cluttered and half-cleaned. Yes, it’s great if you come up with creative ideas for more storage space in your kitchen, but what about the other rooms. When buyers compare your apartment with other ones, this will work against you. So, make sure you stage every room and give it a purpose. You’ll add value to your apartment in the eyes of a buyer.

In conclusion

To make your apartment sell faster and at a good price, make staging a priority. But, keep in mind these 4 things to avoid when staging your apartment, and give the best possible chance at impressing the buyers.

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