3 reasons to visit Memphis this year

Memphis is a beautiful town in Tennessee, located right on the Mississippi River. It has a rich history and culture. Memphis was founded on May 22. 1826 by John Overton, James Winchester, and Andrew Jackson. Interestingly, it got its wonderful name from an ancient city in Egypt located on the Nile river. While Memphis has a lot of events and history to learn about, we are here to present 3 key reasons to visit Memphis this year and potentially consider moving here.

​Visit Memphis because of its great music history

If you are a fan of music, you have to visit Memphis. Memphis has a lot of music history, a lot of musical pioneers in many different genres got their star there. Beale Street is a historical landmark. Also, Beale Street blues clubs had a significant impact on American blues music. The most famous style of music that came out of Beale Street is the Memphis blues.

a street in Memphis
Visit Memphis because of the music

You can go and visit Sam Phillip’s Sun Studio which still stands, and it’s open for visits. Many famous musicians recorded their first records there, like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison. There are a lot more musical attractions in Memphis like Stax Records and Elvis Presley’s Graceland Mansion. Memphis is so rich with music history that if you are a music fan visiting it won’t be enough. Maybe you would want to move there with the help of professionals available at spydermoving.com.

​Visit Memphis this year because of its Memphis-style barbecue

Memphis-style barbecue is one of the four types of barbecue in the United States. It is made from pork, using pork ribs and shoulders. It’s prepared in two different ways “dry” and “wet”. The barbecue is slow-cooked in and out. To get the best Memphis- style barbecue visit some of the notable local barbecue restaurants like Neely’s Central BBQ.

The first two reasons to visit Memphis are pretty tempting. With a lot of music history and the delicious barbecue, it might make someone want to move there. This urge to move to Memphis is reasonable. If you do, you will certainly have a great social life there. If you need help to settle in hire a reliable moving company that can handle every part of your move.

Barbecue as delicious food is one of the reasons to visit Memphis this year.
Visit Memphis for its great barbecue

​Visit  Memphis because of the Memphis in May Festival

If the first two reasons aren’t enough to visit Memphis, in May they are amped up. The Memphis in May Festival consists of four events.

  • Beale Street Music Festival where you can see a lot of popular musicians and bands.

  • International Week, where one country is celebrated.

  • World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

  • Great American River Run.

We hope that these three reasons will make you visit Memphis and maybe even move there after your visit. You might even start thinking about organizing a move here. Why not?

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